Heels over Head

I miss marty's.

Marty's is the only place in the entire universe where I can write a paper of epic proportions.

Somehow sitting in my tiny apartment, in my freezing bedroom, wrapped in my 3 quilts and in a sweatshirt simply won't cut it.

My goal for today: write 9 pages of my senior paper. I will report later on the progress :)

3:33pm = 5 pages down. Saaaaweet. Time for a break til 4:45p....
5:48pm = 7 pages down.  I'm still chuggin along. Choo Choo... (right, Gary) ;)
6:22pm = 7.3 pages down.  I'm not giving up but I may be done for the night.  I'm at a good stopping point and will hit the big kahunas tomorrow. Now perhaps I'll do some laundry....


It's a new day!  My goal for Sunday = FINISH!  My life depends on it.  No, Gary's does :) (Thanks for the motivation); another good note, I'm starting a whole 3 hours earlier today.  That should mean something...

8:33am = still 7.3 pages down. Let's see how much damage I can do now
9:49am = 10 pages down!  woot.  Time for a break :)
2:25pm = 12.5 pages down.  this last component is HARD!  I had to sort and sort again and THEN start writing.  My goal is to have at least 15 pages by 4:30pm.  I WILL SUCCEED! and then perhaps I'll hit 17 by the time I got to bed...
3:46pm = 15 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry.  (early dinner? Yes please)
7:57pm = 16.25 pages (I should have made my goal 9 pages for today ;))

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