all opposed

Today was a big day at the office. I will not say for what reason until a later date but it was a big day and that must be noted.

In other news, it is also a big day in the not-complete (Gary, move :)) Wiest household:

1. I love garlic. I reaaaaalllly love garlic. However, my body can't handle how much I love garlic. My body got mad today after I ate a lean cuisine garlic-chicken pizza. I didn't love it and it was not a fun afternoon. No more copious amounts of garlic for me. sad day.

2. I recently (FINALLY) watched Lincoln Lawyer with Gary. It was a great movie and I was definitely looking forward to it because the book that the movie is based on was written by my favorite author, Michael Connelly. I was a little skeptical though because the last time they made a movie from one of his books, Blood Work, they ruined. By they, I mean Clint Eastwood. He ruined that movie and almost ruined that book for me and it's one of my favorite Connelly books. I dislike you greatly, Clint. Thankfully, he was not directing nor was he starring in Lincoln Lawyer. It was a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. SO much in fact that I skipped ahead in my re-reading endeavor (I have read (and own) all the Michael Connelly books to date and now am re-reading them for kicks. It's been fun!) (also, I actually stalled my re-reading endeavor since I moved to Minneapolis on Feb 21. I was scared of living alone and knew his books would only freak me out more. Since moving, I actually feel really safe so I decided it was time.) to the Lincoln Lawyer book. So far so good. The movie people actually took words right out of the book. Let's just hope they stick with the rest of it. I hate when they change things to make it work for the movie. I don't like ruining the integrity of the book one bit.

3. I LOVE coupons. I love not having to purchase a newspaper to get the coupons. It must be a MN thing because I get free coupons in my mailbox frequently, probably 2-3 times a week. Loves it. I now have so many coupons lying around that I realized I need to put them in a place where I will look at them and actually use them before they expire. Thus came my idea to use one of the many recipe boxes I recently received for this very purpose. I am excited.

4. Gary & I got a slow cooker as a gift from the ATHENA ladies. We got a brochure for different items we could choose and though I got Gary's opinion, I forgot what we decided. Apparently it wasn't the slow cooker. Oops :) Sorry, honey bear. Anyways, we got the slow cooker and I couldn't be more excited. I think soup when I think slow cooker. And I've had a huge desire to make all kinds of soup. Hopefully this will be the healthy push I need to make all these kinds of soup. Also, very exciting :)

As I was making dinner tonight I noticed that my pasta stash is awfully low. It's pitiful for my standards. So while I'm at the grocery store this weekend picking up soup materials and other important stuff like milk and OJ, I WILL get some more pasta. Can't wait to have more options. I miss my penne. Notice how much chocolate I have in my cabinet. That has been there since I moved in. I just have no desire to eat chocolate/I didn't have eggs to make the brownie or cake mix :) One of these days....