Secret exposed....

I can't not talk about it. Though there is still a few key people yet to be told, I NEED to talk about it.

There is (as of week 6) a little sweet pea growing inside of me.

I have been super tired, unmotivated and most recently, STARVING all day long. I have yet to have morning or evening sickness so I can't really complain :) I just need to get used to a routine no matter how tired I am. Those dishes won't do themselves! Also, I NEED to eat more. I clearly didn't eat that much before but my word, I have got to invest in some snacks. I eat a huge meal and less than 1 hour later, my stomach is screaming for food. It must be a boy :) My problem is that I have never been a snack person so I don't have the slightest clue what to eat. I don't like granola bars or nuts. I'm thinking grapes, crackers and peanut butter, rise krispies (just because ;)....what else??????? I've got 33 more weeks! Heeeeelp!

In other news, Gary comes soon!!!! Though he is now coming up Friday morning, I can't wait. I've had a rough few weeks without him and really need his company :) I find myself overemotional almost nightly and then call Gary in a crying frenzy (sorry honey bear, but thank you for always making me feel better) We'll also be joining Bridget & Drew on their MN vaca on Saturday for dinner. I AM SO EXCITED. I saw pot roast on the menu. Yes please.


Elaine said...

OMG! Congratulations!

Amanda said...

"Protein is a great choice for a snack because it is the building block for every cell. It also helps many moms when they are feeling fatigued or even nauseated."

what about a banana, or honey greek yogurt with granola (really really good!), crackers and cheese,nuts, dips and veggies, make some extra pasta and eat some as a snack, add some protein for kicks (chicken, etc)

and congratulations! I was wondering how long you would wait until you said something online :)