Who knew??

I read an adorable blog called "Enjoying the Small Things". The author is a mother of two precious little girls and I believe a professional photographer so her blogs are ALWAYS filled with THE cutest pictures. The blog she wrote the other day included a new sponsor which makes cute baby/kid clothes. They are SOOOOO COOL and with a little one on the way, I swooned :) Anyhoo, she mentioned that one lucky winner would win a gift certificate simply by commenting to the blog three things we enjoy.

Guess what................I WON!!!

Out of 757 comments, I won. How insane is that?? I found out by reading her blog post today about her Easter weekend (super cute!) This is what it read:

Congratulations to Mountain Aven Baby gift certificate winner, Commenter #615 V.wiest: I am enjoying the thoughts of spring as I eat a fresh roma tomato, a short weekend with my new husband who lives 3 hours away because he's still in school AND I am reaaaallly enjoying being just over 7 weeks pregnant with our first little peanut :).

V.Wiest, Please send your contact info to kellehamptonblog@comcast.net, and you'll be able to pick out some cute baby goods soon!

And that, I did :) Can't wait!!!! You can view the Mountain Aven Baby items here.


Amanda said...

SWEET!! I found her blog by way of you and I enjoy looking at that one too. I was wondering if Claire knew about it.

Amanda said...

oh, btw. you need to start using links in your posts :) I hate having to look stuff up on Google, when you could do that for me ;)