First Friday {1}

This is the very FIRST edition of FIRST FRIDAY!!!! I am so excited to report that yes, my job does indeed include a day of from work every first Friday of the month. I've decided that I will do my best to be productive on these days off AND to report my productivity in the First Friday blog. I must admit that this is not the first First Friday I've had, but I honestly cannot remember what I did that day. I had just started the new job and was most likely getting settled in the new apartment. Or grocery shopping. If I had to guess, it was probably the day I walked downtown only to get lost and not find anything I walked there for. Sorry, that was just much too frustrating and boring to write about :)

So, for my first First Friday blog, I am SUPER pumped to report that I got a hair cut. When my mom and I came up to Minneapolis to look at apartments, we kept driving down Lyndale. On Lyndale, there is a salon called Moxie. It looked like a hip (probably too hip for me) little joint so when I decided way back when that I'd cut my hair after the wedding, I kept Moxie in my back pocket. Yesterday, I pulled it back out and scheduled an appointment for 9am so that I wouldn't back out. Not that I would, but having gone a couple weeks shy of a full year since the last hair cut debacle, you never know. It could happen. At 9am sharp, I arrived, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This place is AWESOME! They gave me a tour of the place which I thought was really cool and everyone was so nice. They wore all black and a retro/edgy style that I find refreshing. The person who did my hair was really sweet and very knowledgeable about hair. I just gave her some direction and was confident that I'd love what she did. And boy do I love it! It's adorably cute and light and short. I'm excited for Gary to see it in person :) Phone pictures don't do it justice.

The other productive activity on my to-do list was to take the MN driver's license test. After my haircut I came home and read 70 pgs of the manual. As I was nearing the end of it though, I realized that I want to have my new name on the license. Unfortunately I don't have my new marriage certificate yet. Sooooooooo I guess I'll wait until Gary gets here for Easter weekend to do it. Yes, they are open, don't worry :)

Item #3: Pay rent :P I called up the leasing office to figure out what I owed for moving in early and guess what?!?!?! They are NOT charging me! They decided after I signed my lease that it wasn't worth charging me OR that I was just that awesome. I'm choosing to believe the latter.

Item #4: Organize :):):) I cannot wait to start putting everything away. Everything has just been hanging out since I moved in February 21. Not good. Besides, my mom thinks I'm lazy ;) I swear I'm not....

Item #5: Take out the trash. I forgot to do this yesterday but it's imperative that I do it sooooooon. I made the mistake of leaving the chocolate covered strawberries out because I like strawberries when they aren't freezing cold. Bad idea. They stink!

I'm looking forward to the rest of my first official First Friday!

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Amanda said...

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow...I was going to go to a cheap place, but now you have me thinking I should go to a cool hip place. Put a picture up here of yours!