First Friday {5}

October's first Friday has come and gone. It's crazy to think about how fast a month goes by. Gary and I didn't have any lofty dreams for this day with the exception of:


We FINALLY mustered up the motivation to go. Since Gary arrived in Minneapolis, he has wanted to go. Back in May, June, July - I was much too tired to want to walk around for hours. August was a bad month and neither of us felt like going. September - we'll go ahead and blame Gary for that (he sure loves his sleep, but also, I was able to work on my photobooks all.day.long. AND watch the complete 6th season of HIMYM. Best way to spend a Saturday!)

October 7 was a weird fall day - hot, windy, and bright. I made the mistake of wearing a long-sleeved non-breathable shirt. I was definitely sweating those pits. Gross.

Worth it? Yes. The animals were cute. Here are some of my faves:

Trip to the zoo = success. AND Gary got his hot dog.

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