Quick Recap

The past few days have flown on by. There has been some reshuffling at the Hotel so my hours to work have gone WAY up (which is AWESOME!!!!). I am getting plenty of hours in so that I can pay the bills but it sure does leave me tired. Yesterday was the first day that I couldn't fit in a 1.5 hour workout or reading. I decided as a compromise, I would fit in two 15 minutes sessions yesterday (completed) and try for 2 hours today. I'm currently sitting at 30 minutes. I'm thinking that I'll do some 30 minutes walk-in-place or jog-in-place sessions while watching TV. That will certainly get me there.

I also wanted to let Amanda know (I may have already but I forget :)) that I volunteered for DecorahReads! at the local public library. I found the ad for needing "buddies" on Decorahnow.com and thought, "Why not? I don't have a job!" Though I am more busy than I anticipated, I still have time to meet with my little 7th grade buddy for the next three Tuesdays. I had to go pick out my book this past Tuesday and I chose The Underneath. I haven't cracked open the book just yet but I think it's about a kitten and/or dog that kinda go out and find their way....Something like that. I'm looking forward to reading it and talking about it with my boy buddy!

Lastly, I bought tickets for Leta, Gary and myself to the 1:30p Spring Awakening show next Saturday (surprisingly enough, that is one day I don't have to work!...yet...) I am SOOO excited to see Luther's rendition of this musical. I went to it in New York 2.5 years ago (WOW that was a long time ago) and FELL SO MUCH IN LOVE it was crazy. It's a provocative, thought provoking, edgy show with cool music. Perhaps we'll hit up Ede's or the Oneota Co-op cafe before the show :)

That is all. I have to work everyday until the 17th so if I don't post for while, please forgive :)

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