Lemi-Shine is my new best friend!

For weeks now, our dishwasher was being a real stinker. All of a sudden, our dishes had this really annoying, harsh white residue that was practically IMPOSSIBLE to remove with soap and water. Gary, bless his heart, was so upset to see "dirty" dishes come out of the "clean" dishwasher that he spent at least an hour scrubbing to no avail.

Well my friends, I've found our solution..........


It was as simple as using Lemi-Shine for the main wash and my Cascade detergent for the pre-wash.

Although that was probably the coolest day of my entire life, I know that our problem is not yet resolved completely. I am positive that the reason our dishwasher was being so rude is because it needs a good clean.

I'll get to that another day. Until then, I'll sign up for some coupons from lemishine.com!

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