Miss Arya turns ONE!

Okay, so she doesn't turn ONE until January 14, but who doesn't like to party? She surely does! We had such a blast at miss Arya's first birthday party. She was so cute, lively, adorable and soooooooooo darn sweet. Her little waddle, "moMma"speak and candle-blowing practice was almost too much to handle. We were only missing Arya's papa, Neil, and his family but I know they'll party it up sometime soon. Can't wait to see those pictures, but until then, here's ours! (Click the photos to make them bigger)

I LOVE the banner and balloons! Way to go Amanda & Neil!
Arya perfecting her kazoo blowing abilities w/ Uncle Gspice
She totally made a sound!
My most favorite series of balloon game photos EVER

Mmmm. Sprinkles.
Panda Cake! Photo Courtesy of miss Leta Oelrich
I think Panda Cake is scared...
so happy! Photo courtesy of miss Leta Oelrich
and so dainty! Photo courtesy of miss Leta Oelrich

Photo courtesy of miss Leta Oelrich

Happy Birthday, Arya!!!!!!!!!!!! Photo courtesy of miss Leta Oelrich

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Amanda said...

YAY!!! Thank you to everyone for making that a great day. The photos are a great memory!