Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

What an interesting day it's been.

Walked to work, then Gary's work, then back home - GREAT 4 mile walk!

Some unexpected things popped up but weren't a huge deal. I'll get over it.

The best day? No.
The worst day? No.

Tonight, though, might rank pretty high.

On my ride home from the Hotel, which is probably 2 minutes at most, I was able to listen to my favorite song of the moment, from the very beginning to the very end. I have been missing this just about every time it's been on the radio and it was such a lovely and welcomed surprise. I did drive through town this time just so I could hear the whole song. Delightful!

Take a listen. Fast forward to minute 2 when the video actually starts.

Not typical Taylor Swift, but I sure do like this song a lot.

And even better? Top Chef Restaurant Wars is on in 2 minutes!

Get excited!

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