What's for Dinner {14} - Chicken Paninis!

Once we break out the Griddler, we just can't stop using it. It's definitely my favorite kitchen appliance HANDS DOWN.

Night one consisted of the Steak with Griddler Topping.
Night two consisted of the Lemon Pepper Chicken Panini.
Night three consisted of the Stubbs BBQ Chicken Panini.


Lemon Pepper Chicken Panini

1 lb chicken breast strips - remove excess fat, ew!
a handful of minced garlic
lemon pepper to taste

G Toppings (in layer order of course)
Italian loaf bread
2 slices provolone cheese
Baby Rays BBQ

V Toppings (in layer order of course)
Italian loaf bread
ranch with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper on each side
1 slice of provolone cheese on each side

We served with this delectable panini chippies and pickles (G - bread & butter; V - zesty)

Stubbs BBQ Chicken Panini
I bought this on a whim one day because it sounded so good - I was sold after seeing citrus and mustard seed in its description. Because I told Gary to buy two pounds of chicken, we had a perfect excuse to use up this BBQ marinade. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed!

The only difference with this panini and the Lemon Pepper Chicken was the preparation of the chicken.

Simply marinade the bbq and chicken together in a zip lock bag overnight.

We both agreed that this panini was FAR SUPERIOR!

Thanks, Stubbs. 

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