Bucket List {1}

I would LOVE to say by this time next year that I accomplished these things:

1. moved back to the 52101
2. successfully completed couchto5k
3. ran in the Nordic Fest 5k
4. lost those stubborn 12 pounds
5. lost at least some of that under arm flab :)
6. paid off LOFT credit card
7. tried at least 50 new recipes
8. created high school photobooks
9. created a Decorah Flood '08 photobook
10. created a Bridget & Drew wedding photobook
11. created a Amanda & Neil wedding photobook
12. finished Emma's quilt
13. bought a house
14. bought a Pruis
15. got my bike tuned up
16. went on several bike rides over the summer/fall
17. went on walks 3-4 times a week
18. blogged 3-4 times a week
19. went on a honeymoon - doesn't matter where
20. did 10,000 crunches & 10,000 push-ups
21. learned how to use photoshop/Adobe design software
22. read 7 daily habits of highly effective people
23. made a delicious cheesecake from scratch
24. made an apple pie
25. found a recipe for and made the perfect chicken pot pie

This is all I can think of for the time being but rest assured that more will follow. I want to become a new and improved wife, sister, daughter, friend, professional, and human being. My evolving bucket list will accomplish this goal :)

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