What's next?

My last day of working for LMP was yesterday. It's bittersweet. I was finally in a good swing and feeling really good about what I was accomplishing and providing. I do know, though, that moving back to Decorah is exactly what Gary and I need right now. We need to live in a community where we will be the very best versions of ourselves and where we can grow as a couple - that place is Decorah through and through. Of course I'm nervous about what the future looks like but I am also excited for the unknown. We've had a tough year so far but we've been able to bounce back. I have a new resolve that I haven't had in a super long time. It's not purely based on lofty dreams and excitement that I usually have. It's got a firm grip on reality AND lofty dreams and excitement. It'll be important to remember that yes, we both quit our jobs in a really tough economy and we may not find exactly what we're looking for right away. BUT we'll have Decorah. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing.

We are building our life in Decorah and not somewhere else.

V to find a job
G to find a job
V to volunteer**

Find a starter home
Move out of the in-law's home

**I keeeeep forgetting to blog about this: I volunteered for DecorahReads! It's a program at the Decorah Library where a 7th grade class picks out a book to read. I, then, come in to pick a book that I'd like to read - that's how we're paired up. Then each week for three weeks, we both read 1/3 of the book, right down our thoughts, and meet to discuss what we've read. I am really excited to do this! [And I thought Amanda would be proud :-)] We pick our books on November 8th. Can't wait!

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