I put socks on this morning.

Boy was I cold this morning!

I woke up because I was cold, took my time in the shower because I was cold, checked to see if we shut the window last night because I was cold, put a blanket on myself as I was dinkin' around on the computer because I was cold, PUT SOCKS ON because I was cold, drove to work because I was cold, told myself it's time to pull out the gloves because I was cold, AND have yet to take off my coat and boots because I'm cold. BRRRRRRRR.

I go in to the bedroom to sit next to Gary while he's still sleeping like I always do and thought, "he must be cold too! Why is his knee not covered? Why are his feet sticking out?" Of course, I must be right so I moved his blanket around to fully cover him and he says to me: "I'm not cold."


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v.wiest said...

I just read this back to myself and literally giggled out loud.

I know, I'm a nerd.